La despensa a su Casa We are producers and we are creating a "perfect" market in which consumers benefit directly since only the actors in the value chain are paid.Namely. It is not intended to put global utility in the product, to get to establish a Fair Price. If you want to be a distributor, you can leave us your reference click here and we will make you a proposal that…

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“Organic Shrimp” Project

Premium Product Productive efficiency Production system, extensive, semi-intensive. Three-phase system implementation (at least three times production compared to the traditional system). We have an experience of more than 20 years developing and applying the system. Productive Tools Balanced. Organic Fertilizers with emphasis on Bioremediation for recovery and improvement of soils. Intracellular biotechnology to combat different pathologies. Biomolecular Technology: - Micro Organisms that transform organic matter. - Pre-digested foods (diets).…

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We are in a new era, are you ready?

Featured We are in a new era, are you ready? The leader reads and self-educates.We have been told about:Digital Economy 4.0e-BusinessThere is a course created by a US company, comprising daily modules. If you want to take advantage of the information and train yourself to be competitive in this era, press the button. Online course

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