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“Organic Shrimp” Project

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The three main traditional non-oil exports of Ecuador are bananas, shrimp and fish. Ecuador is the largest producer of captive shrimp in the Western Hemisphere and the second largest producer worldwide.

The Pacific white shrimp is the main species cultivated on the Ecuadorian coast of the Litopenaeus family, of which 95% of the production belongs to the Litopenaeus Vannamei species.


Shrimp are a great source of essential vitamins for skin, bones, and teeth. It also prevents circulatory diseases, cancer, and helps reduce cognitive decline in the brain. Because its nutritional value is very high, it is extremely important that shrimp have a proper diet, which will contribute to improving the quality of the product.


We have developed a process for the cultivation of organic organic shrimp of A4 color quality, in sizes 31-35 and 36-40; with a production capacity of 21,000 pounds per hectare per year and with very competitive production costs.


  • 35 years of experience in the shrimp farming industry.
  • 20 years innovating to produce a product with Premium quality standards.


Three-phase production process, different from the traditional model, not intensive and allows production to be tripled compared to the traditional model, without being a predator for the environment.


It is advisable to use land without infrastructure; however, shrimp farms with legacy infrastructure can be purchased and adapted to the new system.

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